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Hebrew Publishing for splendor & magnificence in publishing in English in Hebrew in Spanish 
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Hebrew Publishing for splendor & magnificence in publishing. Seforim published with unique expertise. From Typing Hebrew manuscripts, Hebrew Proofreading, Hebrew Editing, Hebrew Translating to Graphic design & printing.  Events, dinners and hachnosas sefer torah all media designed and printed.

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he Nitty-Gritty Of Ezine Publishing by: Anna-Marie Stewart VentonI sat here this morning, and decided to work out exactly how much time I use on creating my weekly ezine, and I almost kinda shocked myself. I`m not the ONLY publisher who refuses to automate, so please, after reading my hours, spare a kind thought for all those other publishers out there that do everything manually, and who really take the time to get down to a personal level with their subscribers.Typical daily hours for me as an ezine publisher * Reading other ezines/newsletters: About 4 hours per day. * Looking for the right content: 5-6 hours per day * Checking email other than newsletters: 5 hours per day * Getting rid of junkmail: 3 hours per day * Staying in touch with other publishers, website owners etc.: 3 hours per day * Working on learning html: 2-3 hours pr day * Updating ezine, ads and slot-ads with Rich, my programmer: 6 hours per day (with about 10 hours 'allsorts' chat too) * Looking in forums for things of interest: 1-2 hours per day * Reviewing articles for possible publication: 3-4 hours per day * Chatting on msn and yahoo messengers, whilst looking for more ideas and helping people: 12 hours per day * Promoting ezine: At LEAST 4 hours per day (including submitting my own articles) That 53 hours per day. Thank my lucky starts I`m great at mutli-tasking...heheheRemember, a lot of us do this to bring you information that we hope will help you in some way or other, and I know how much it brightens up my day when I get a mail saying 'Great issue, Anna, Keep up the good work!' So I`m guessing a lot of other ezine owners would really appreciate something like that.Putting out an ezine is a LOT more than just slapping together a couple of articles and a bunch of ads in an email, or on a website. I know there`s a lot of that going around too (I DO actually get tons of those ones in my mailbax daily too), so if you`re subscribed to a great ezine, take the time to let the publisher know, vote for them, recommend them to your friends, most importantly: Give Them Your Feedback!!At the same time, if there`s something you DON`T like, let them know that too. Without subscriber feedback, we`re basically just poking around in the dark, hoping that we are giving people what they want. We are there for you, please be there for us.Anna-Marie Stewart Venton