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Printing in China

Hebrew Publishing for splendor & magnificence in publishing. Seforim published with unique expertise. From Typing Hebrew manuscripts, Hebrew Proofreading, Hebrew Editing, Hebrew Translating to Graphic design & printing.  Events, dinners and hachnosas sefer torah all media designed and printed.

Printing in China

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 HebrewPublishing.com Offering Printing in China

As a part of their unwavering service for those who want to put their manuscripts into a book, HebrewPublishing.com is now expanding their services to more clients as they are not offering printing in China. This new service is sure to give clients staying in China who want to turn their manuscripts either in soft bound or hard bound books. The printing service will make the distribution of the book easier especially for those staying in other Asian countries.

Given that the company is offering other services alongside printing, clients from different parts of the world are sure to enjoy the fact that they can have their manuscripts transformed into a professional looking book. HebrewPublishing.com accepts all kinds of manuscripts and turn into a published book.  The professional services include typing of the manuscripts, translating, proofreading and even editing. After they have edited your work, they will create a layout suited for the story or the subject of your manuscript and create graphics that will enhance its overall look.

When all of the necessary services are done and the entire book is already getting its own style, it will go through the printing process and to the wide distribution of the book. For the printing in China process, the company will also be doing all the same processes but in China. This means that writers in China can have their published book delivered quickly and check how it looks prior to distribution. With this service, the company is just making their services easily reachable to all of their clients.

Along with this new services are great deals for the printing jobs that they would ask from HebrewPublishing.com. Clients who are planning to have Children’s book published will be receiving great deals for a 32 page manuscript. For a quantity of 2500 pieces, clients can get a unit price of $2.60 instead of the regular offer of $3.00. With this deal, clients can already avail of great features that can make their manuscripts turn into great Children’s book after printing.

With reading books of 256 pages, the unit price in this deal is now only $3.60 from the regular price of $4.00 that is sure to be a great deal for anyone who loves writing worth to read topics. The company will also be catering the covers in glossy lamination and pages with black print only and is 100gsm woodfree papers. The offer will be applicable to a total printed quantity of 3000 copies upon distribution.

Another printing in China deal that is being offered by HebrewPublishing.com is for Seforim with about 216 pages. From the original price per unit of $5.00, this Seforim deal will only be offered at $4.00 per unit. This deal will only be offered for clients who are availing a total of 2000 copies of the Seforim.

Given that there are great deals waiting for people who are want to avail of the printing in China service, there is no doubt why writers should choose HebrewPublishing.com for the printing and also the distribution of their printed books.