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missing boy entering a car
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brooklyn, NY - The search for Leibby Kletzky continued Tuesday night more than a day after the 9-year-old boy from Borough Park went missing.  Two new surveillance videos are being seen as possible leads in the disappearance.

One video showed the young boy leaving his day camp, located at 12th Avenue and 44th Street, and walking past his home on 15th Avenue.

A second video, which was released late Tuesday night, showed the boy walking behind another man, according to police.  Investigators believe Kletzky may have gotten into the man’s gold-colored sedan.

Kletzky may have stopped to talk to a man and followed him in the opposite direction.  Tuesday, the boy’s father went with detectives to watch the video and confirm it was his son, CBS 2′s Sean Hennessey reported.

“We look at the possibility of foul play right from the beginning,” NYPD Chief Joe Esposito said.

vidoes on vois iz neis and on ma nishma