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Printing in China

Hebrew Publishing for splendor & magnificence in publishing. Seforim published with unique expertise. From Typing Hebrew manuscripts, Hebrew Proofreading, Hebrew Editing, Hebrew Translating to Graphic design & printing.  Events, dinners and hachnosas sefer torah all media designed and printed.



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Entering project size info will help us calculate most accurate prices. If no page amount is entered, an estimate of 32 pages will be assumed.
Estimates are based on a 2000 chars per page average for typing and proofreading, and a 1300 chars per pages average for layout pages.
PRINTING Printing Project Quote
First Select Book Size,
ספר קטן - up to 192 Pages
(250 - $3500, 500 - $4500, 1000 - $6200)
ספר רגיל - up to 320 Pages (250 - $4400, 500 - $5600, 1000 - $7500)
ספר גדול - up to 480 Pages (250 - $5500, 500 - $6800, 1000 - $9450)
ספר עבה - up to 600 Pages (250 - $6200, 500 - $7580, 1000 - $10500)
Then Select Quantity Of Books To Print,
250 Copies
500 Copies
1000 Copies
$250 - Sample request, send me a book printed with similar specs to my project.


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Get A Quote For Your Printing Project NOW!

Printing specifications, here will iyh be shortly list of all printing specifications to choose from.
Hebrew printing and publishing today offers many details to choose from. For now feel free to ask us and choose from our offers.

Printing in China

We are now offering a new service of printing in china.

Special deals:

Childrens Book
pages: 32p
size: 8.5 x 11 in.
cover: hard cover (157gsm C2S +1800gsm greyboard, 4C, glossy lamination)
end pages + inner , 157gsm C2S,4C
binding: sewn
qty: 2500pcs
color: full color
unit price: $3.00
Now only: $2.60

Reading books

pages:  256  pages


size: 6.5 x 9.5 in
inside pages: 100gsm woodfree paper 
cover type: hard cover
binding: sewn binding
cover material: 157gsm C2S +1800gsm greyboard, 4C, glossy lamination
cover specs: full color.
inside pages: black print only
copies: 3000
unit price $4.00
Now only: $3.60



pages:   216   pages


size: 6.5 x 9.5 in
inside pages: 120gsm woodfree 
cover type: hard cover
binding: sewn binding
cover material: leather paper (sky) on 2.5mm thick board or mdf
cover specs: 2 stampings on cover, gold and press or black.
inside pages: black print only
copies: 2000
unit price: $5.00
Now only: $4.00 

Set up charges are $500.00 including free hard copy sample (shipping of sample not included).
Shipping is not included in price. price is approx $250 per cubic meter to NY port.